Place2Be is a national charity with a mission to improve the mental wellbeing and prospects of children, their families and school communities across the UK.  



Children should not have to face mental health problems alone.


Place2Be’s vision is for all children to have the vital support they need to help them build life-long coping skills and to thrive.  

For the past 25 years we have implemented this vision with our ‘whole school approach’, working directly with school communities, providing pupils, as well as parents, teachers and school staff with emotional and therapeutic support and training. 

Evidence gathered over the past ten years demonstrates the consistent, positive impact of this early intervention in schools. 

Why we’re needed:

  • We know that 1 in 8 children and young people now has a mental health disorder;

  • 50% of those with lifetime mental health problems first experience symptoms by the age of 14;

  • 93% of school leaders tell us that pupils bring more worries into school than they did five years ago.

Children cannot flourish in school if emotional issues distract them in class. Teachers cannot teach effectively if students are disruptive.

Many of the children we work with have difficult and complex lives and come to education with a disadvantage.  We know that by providing effective mental health support, helping to address issues underlying behaviour, we help children to build resilience, better engage with learning and improve their mental health. 

Data over the last ten years shows that of the children referred to Place2Be with severe difficulties, 81% show an improvement after a Place2Be counselling intervention and over half clinically recover; children’s attitudes to learning improve and 69% of children whose difficulties caused problems for their teacher or class improved, so they were causing fewer problems and less classroom disruption. 

Senior leaders understand the value of having in-school mental health support in promoting help-seeking behaviours. Place2Be encourages children to talk through problems before they become bigger, helping them to self-regulate and to contribute to a more emotionally-healthy school environment where they can learn and thrive. 

Place2Be is proud to have the support of Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge as our Royal patron, helping to raise awareness of our important work in schools and encouraging more people to talk openly about mental health issues.