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Tusk is a dynamic UK based charity that has become a highly effective and efficient force in African wildlife conservation.

Advancing Wildlife Conservation Across Africa

Tusk is a dynamic UK based charity that has become a highly effective and efficient force in African wildlife conservation. However, in the last 50 years the world has lost 60% of the planet’s mammals, birds, fish and reptiles, whilst the human population has tripled. The threat to Africa’s wildlife remains real and more urgent than ever.


Tusk’s vision is a future in which people and wildlife can both thrive across Africa.

Success depends on the conservation of healthy habitats that can sustain wildlife and that is also dependent on meeting the needs of communities. We believe that the only way to achieve lasting change in Africa, is to involve local people in the solutions.


Our mission is to amplify the impact of progressive conservation initiatives across Africa. Tusk invests in innovative projects with the greatest potential and supports them to grow, so that we can reach our shared goal of thriving habitats and wildlife. With our funding, we focus on maintaining support to the very best initiatives through the different stages of their growth as they scale their conservation impact. It’s an approach that works.


“The imperative of balancing conservation of wildlife and natural resources with the ever-growing needs of the human race is at the heart of the great challenge facing mankind today. Tusk realised this and in many areas of radical thinking about sustainable development, the charity in its sensitive and self-effacing way continues to illuminate the path for us”

HRH The Duke of Cambridge, Royal Patron of Tusk




Tusk partners with leading and emerging conservationists across Africa to protect endangered species, reduce human-wildlife conflict, find sustainable solutions to preserve critical habitats and combat the illegal wildlife trade. Tusk works to improve environmental learning and uses community-based conservation initiatives to alleviate the causes of poverty across Africa. Our support focuses on four key areas:


Protecting endangered species

We are providing greater protection for over 40 threatened species. As well as safeguarding African elephant, rhino and lion populations, Tusk’s projects are playing a critical role in the survival of painted dogs, gorillas, chimpanzees, Grevy’s zebra, turtles, vultures and many more.


Habitat protection

More than 70 million hectares of land is currently safeguarded by Tusk projects, providing important habitat for Africa’s threatened species.


Human-wildlife co-existence

Our partners respond to more than 3,000 incidents of human-wildlife conflict each year and work with communities to find a way to make sure that both people and wildlife can thrive within the same landscape. More than 7.5 million people are indirectly benefiting from greater security, infrastructure, healthcare, and the wider livelihood options they present, thanks to the work of Tusk’s project partners


Environmental education

Tusk believes that if conservation is to succeed, then children must learn to appreciate wildlife and its importance at an early age. Our pioneering Pan African Conservation Education (PACE) programme has so far reached over 500,000 school children across the continent, changing attitudes and behaviours towards wildlife.

Investing in the future of Africa


Africa is witnessing seismic change. Where Tusk provides support, we see significant progress that provides real hope. But to respond to future conservation challenges, Tusk needs to grow so that we can continue to invest even more into successful and pioneering projects across the continent.


“I have seen for myself the inspiring and vital work that Tusk and its many partners do throughout Africa. By combining the protection of species and habitat, education and the delivery of real benefits to local communities, Tusk continues to highlight that preserving the natural world is in all our interests.”

HRH The Duke of Cambridge, Royal Patron of Tusk.

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